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The Origin

September 21, 2016 by Sandra Cepeda CEO Gran Espejo with Saraswathi Ma

Grand mirror is a virtual place filled with universal philosophy. It encompasses ideas, designers, artists, life experiences and learning processes from all over Latin America.

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Grand mirror not only sells art, but barters with a discourse which goes beyond design. It’s a window to universal creativeness.

I begin by remembering the first brainstorming session I had during a dinner back in 2013. I was with the extremely inventive and internationally-renowned Spanish marketing guru Daniel Granatta. After many Japanese sake shots an idea popped up: selling pixels of prominent works of art, perhaps some virtual déco getting ahead of time and technology, and of course, digging deep into complex Mexican folklore (still pending).

Almost two years had gone by while I visited galleries, made surveys, interviewed artists and finished a preliminary budget while sipping on sake.

During my journey things changed dramatically, and ideas began to settle. I was resolved to create a virtual art place with a new twist for Mexico: the art swap.  Yet the concept in my mind hadn’t yet crystallised –or so I thought–, and was going through an artistic crisis as can be inferred by my few painting compositions at the moment. So I turned to meditation and spiritual work, until I stumbled upon a magnificent human being named Saraswathi Ma with I whom I have had a mystical relationship since we first met. Hopefully, we’ll see each other again soon in India.

My exchanges with her have been short and profound, having talked about an array of issues which all have a common root. Saraswathi Ma explained how my crisis was a blessing, “a great blessing” she would remark. “Taking off your great passion for your constant need for expansion.” At a superficial level my head kept spinning every time she told me so, but I was happy about deeply meditating next to her, always knowing it was the right thing to do.

My task became to learn and let go that inner artist, and nurture my creative spirit. I had to see myself as a creative instrument made for serving others. To be conscious about my own depths and understand the origins of the universe within and outside my soul…
She told me about the Big Bang and the beginning of it all. She also talked about "the human journey," made of paradoxes. Her very poetic existential theory which went along the lines of quantum physics reminded me of a phrase she expounded during a satsang:
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“You’re everything, I’m only the mirror of your gracefulness. Touch your breast with your hand and feel the space between them… feel. Is there a limit? Is it masculine or feminine? Is there some form of fear which somehow contains that fear within the space?

I always responded ‘no,’ and she told me ‘this my love, is your grand mirror / GRAN ESPEJO ”

Sandra Cepeda , Arquitect & MFA actually work in art, jewelry and NATGEO *photo Ecuador 2015

Sandra Cepeda , Arquitect & MFA actually work in art, jewelry and NATGEO *photo Ecuador 2015

Saraswathi Ma, travel around de word giving service and Satsang *photo India 2016

Saraswathi Ma, travel around de word giving service and Satsang *photo India 2016


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